The Nursing

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Nursing – the scientific and technological developments that took place during the current century in the field of health coincided with developments in nursing as a result of science, art and technology. Nursing acquired special theories and concepts, separate from other theories and concepts.

Nursing has been defined as the science, art, spirit and giving without selfishness to help patients and those with physical or mental illnesses during hospitals or at home or in schools, universities, clinics, or battlefields.

Definition of WHO nursing

it is the work of a nurse to assist a sick or healthy individual with activities that promote or restore health in the event of illness or death in peace and security.

Another Definition of The nursing

it is science and art,it cares for the individual as a whole ,for his or her body ,mind and soul ,it preservation of the individual spiritually,mentally and physically

it helps him or her to recover when ill and it extends care for the sick individual to his or her family and community,including caring for his or her environment and providing health education through good guidance.

Another Definition of  The nursing of american society

it is a direct service designed to meet the needs of the individual ,family and community in health and illness.

There are many definitions of nursing, but they all agree that nursing is a group of services that are given to individuals and their families in order to help them maintain their normal condition or help them to relieve their physical and psychological pain.
Also, nursing services may be intended to prevent disease or assist in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of complications
Nursing is considered services to help the individual, whether sick or healthy, to carry out his daily demands, relying on himself as much as possible, and he needs the power of observation to determine the individual’s needs.

In order for the nurse to do her job well, she needs a foundation of medical and social sciences to help her deal with individuals or the handicapped, as she deals with newborn babies, children, youth and the elderly.
Therefore, when preparing the staff of the nursing staff, attention must be paid to the requirements and directions of health services available in the country and focus on preparing the nurse in the institutes and schools of nursing


what is with The nursing profession ?

  1. Maintain and promote health to the highest levels.
  2. Preventing illness in the individual and the family, including mother and child.
  3.  Caring for disabled patients,enabling them to live with their disabilities ,caring for the elderly.

THE Nurse is role is her job

  1. comprehensive care for the individual during health and illness in terms of physical, psychological, social and spiritual care.
  2. educating the patient and his family and providing them with the necessary instructions to prevent diseases and improve their health
  3. teaching other groups
  4. Participate in developing and implementing a comprehensive and integrated
  5. health care plan for the individual, family and community
  6. Participation in scientific research in the field of health care
    Coordination of health services
  7. Managing nursing services and supervising and supervising the nursing staffWhat are the responsibilities of a nurse?
    Providing nursing care to the patient according to his needs
    Work as a health school or counselor for patients and their families
    Make important observations about the condition of the patient or a healthy individual, and identify the health problem
    Selecting, training and directing the required assistance groups to meet the needs of nursing services in various health institutions
    Contribute with the members of the health team in analyzing health needs and determining the required nursing services
    Fields of work in nursing
    Areas of prevention, treatment, or education
    As well as government hospitals, universities, treatment institutions, health care centers, mother and child centers, and health offices
    As well as rehabilitation centers, pharmaceutical companies, institutes and schools of nursing, health reservations, disinfection and sterilization centers, outpatient clinics, dispensaries, ambulance centers, and international bodies
    Characteristics of the nurse
    To have a body and mind Solomon to mature in her thinking and behavior
    You have knowledge of basic knowledge of the profession as well as general knowledge to obtain skills specific to the profession
    She has the ability and willingness to work and has the potential to win the trust of others
    She has the ability to teach others, is patient and open-minded
    To be firm, smart and meticulous in her standards
    She should be meticulous, alert, cheerful, and reliable
    Be meticulous, watchful, conscientious and honest
    To be good looking and fair in the bodyThe profession of nursing is a profession that provides services to society as a whole and is based on,

    Her information and knowledge and specialized skills to take care of her

    The individual and his family in order to preserve his health and prevent disease

    The responsibilities of this profession are carried out by female graduates and graduates from recognized scientific institutions

    Whether at the international or local level, the profession is subject to the labor laws in the country, and it is governed and regulated by its own laws and regulations.
    Nursing may go through several stages, with the exception of an educational plan aimed at obtaining qualified nurses or

    Nursing technicians from a nationally recognized institute, school or college of the affiliated country

    The state’s private universities
    A license to practice the profession must be obtained from the Medical Licensing Department at Health

    The office after registration in the Nursing Profession Syndicate

    The state must also pay attention to nursing institutions, health authorities, and the Nursing Union, support them financially and informally, develop educational curricula and programs, teach nursing, and work to create job opportunities in them.

    Nursing Syndicate work

    To raise the scientific and professional level and to preserve the profession’s policies and traditions. Supporting members and their families in the health, social, economic and cultural fields, taking care of the interests of the members and working on cooperation among them.

    In the end, we would like the nursing profession to be one of the best professions in the world and that all countries pay attention to it and put it in its rightful position and good luck for everyone who works in this profession

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