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3Health care in the community nursing practice

3Health care in the community nursing practice
Community health nursing encompasses various titles that describe the work done by nurses working in community settings.

3Health care in the community nursing practice

In the past, and across different regions of the world the community health nurses were known as district nurses visiting nurses the public health nurse, nurses at home or community health nurse. Nowadays, the terms community health nursing and public health nursing are the most commonly used titles for nurses whose work is focused on protecting and promoting the health of people.

The knowledge gained from the social, nursing, as well as public health science is a key component of practices in community health nursing.

There are many nations where making sure that health care services are offered to those who are the least weak and marginalized populations is the primary goal of the practice of community health nurses.

The United States, community health nurses are employed in various settings that include local and state health departments schools, health programs for children as well as migrant health clinics, community health centers as well as senior centers and occupational health programs nursing centers, and home health care programs.

Home care is usually considered to be a desirable alternative to care for those who are sick. Nurses who work in home care today offer advanced, complicated treatment in the homes of patients.

In the world home care is being studied as a possible solution to the demands of the increasing amount of older people who require assistance.

Health care nursing practice

Mental health (or mental health) nursing practice is focused on the treatment of patients who have stress-related or emotional issues. Nurses are employed in the hospitals in the inpatient unit or in outpatient clinics for mental health, and work with groups of people, individuals and families. Mental health nurses with advanced practice offer psychotherapy to groups, individuals and families in private practice.

They also work with community groups to offer mental health care and collaborate alongside the other nurses within both outpatient and inpatient environments to address the emotional needs of patients as well as families who are battling physical ailments or injuries.

Children’s care

The treatment of children, commonly known as the field of pediatric nursing, is focused on the taking care of infants, kids and teenagers. Families as the primary care for children is a crucial aspect of care for children.

Pediatric nurses ensure that the developmental needs of families and children are met even when they seek to treat symptoms of serious illness or injuries.

Nurses also improve their children’s health with vaccination programmes, child abuse interventions, nutrition and physical exercise education, as well as health screening projects.

Specialist and generalist Health care in the community nursing practice are employed in clinics, outpatient schools, day-care centres and nearly everywhere where children can be located.

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